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Our decades of combined experience cover a wide range of fields. FGP's areas of expertise include both litigation (dispute settlement) and non litigation, and both corporate and investment law.

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Civil Law
Representing clients in Criminal, Civil, Labor and Commercial dispute settlements
Criminal Law
Breach of Contract/Default, Tort, Indemnification and/or compensation, Adoption, prenuptial agreements, divorce and settlement of child support
Commercial Law
Fraud, embezzlement, theft, assault, defamation, domestic violence, specialized criminal tax, corruption etc
Manpower Law
Settlement of violation of Intellectual Property rights and Bankruptcy, PKPU. Labor dispute settlement and labor dismissal settlement

Representing clients in negotiation for unilateral agreement, consensual dispute settlement for and on behalf of client with all satisfactory result.


Notarial Deeds, Transactional Agreements, Translation of documents, Legal Due Diligence, Legal Review and Opinion of the rules and regulations as well as transactional agreements on an as-needed basis, and providing statement letters for client (corporate and/or personal) as required.

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